I was recently told that Kenneth Branagh would be playing Sir Laurence Olivier in an upcoming film. (Thanks to Shakespeare Geek for originally calling my attention to it.) It’s not a film about or based on Shakespeare, but nonetheless, is it not quite exciting that the most recognized Shakespearian actor of his time is going to play the most recognized Shakespearian actor of a prior era?

Now there’s a whole new level of Shakespeare-ness in the film. Dame Judi Dench is joining the cast. Just one more Shakespeare icon for what’s shaping up to be quite the cast.

Dench and Branagh have only worked together twice, according to IMDb. Dench appeared in Branagh’s production of Hamlet as Hecuba, in a brief non-speaking role, and she was Mistress Nell Quickly in his Henry V. That’s a pretty limited list of common projects for two actors as iconic as they are. I’m really looking forward to seeing them on screen together.